What is Lit?

On a fundamental level, Lit is an attempt to decentralize public key cryptography. First introduced by three researchers at Stanford University in the 1970s, public key cryptography is the technology that underpins cryptocurrency and most of the security infrastructure on the Internet today.

Lit is a blockchain-agnostic middleware layer that has the capacity to read and write data across blockchains and off-chain platforms, powering encryption, access control, and automation for the open web.

You can learn more here.

Build with Lit Protocol

We are looking to fund projects that improve developer experiences and community development in the wider web3 ecosystem. We want to support those who are building the infrastructure and applications that will make it easier for people to use and develop Lit-enabled applications.

Are you a developer interested in building out Lit-enabled apps and infrastructure? Apply for a grant, or get inspired by taking a look at our Request for Ecosystem Proposals.

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Lit Protocol

Lit Protocol is decentralized compute, encryption and access control. Free the Web: http://developer.litprotocol.com/docs/intro